Being seen alone without your parents

You have the right to see doctors and nurses without your parents at any age and it is good practice for doctors and nurses to offer to see you by yourself at each visit.  Now you may think this is a good idea or you may think that you need your parents with you.
Parents are great at bringing you to clinic, asking and answering important question and remembering what has been said and even explaining it in more simple words.  We all need our parents to help us out even when we are an adult.  But for you to become more confident gradually putting yourself in the clinic “driving seat” is a good idea and lets the doctors and nurses know that you are getting more independent and taking control.
Have a chat with your parents about how you can do this.  Initially they may come in for part of the clinic appointment and then leave you to chat by yourself at the end.
By using the “Your Issues" sheet you can bring up being seen alone with the doctor or nurse and the "Take Home Messages" sheet allows you to remember what you talked about when your parents weren’t in the room.  If you see a doctor or nurse on your own they should discuss with you what information you will share with your parents and who is going to do this.