Emotional Wellbeing

Having been diagnosed with a lifelong condition when you are young can be hard and feel unfair. On top of this, your condition and some of your medications may have side effects that affect how you look or how you feel.

Most of us experience ‘lows' in our lives that make us feel sad or anxious. Fortunately most people also have happy, enjoyable days. Emotional wellbeing is all about how you feel, and noticing when things start to affect you in a negative way.

You might feel stressed about getting into college or depressed about having to take your medications. These feelings are normal and quite common. Usually these feelings only last a short time. However, they are sometimes harder to get rid of. If you have something on your mind, talking to someone you trust is a good place to start. Your parents, friends or doctor are all good sources of support.


To find out more about your emotional wellbeing and for sources of support try these websites;

42nd Street

Questions you could ask your doctor or nurse

  • I’m being bullied. What can I do?
  • I’m feeling a bit down. Who can I talk to?
  • I’m fed up of taking my medications. Why do I need them?