Growing Taller

Being on the short side is something that happens in TS therefore one focus is on growing taller.  More often than not you will be on growth hormone injections.  Some of you may also be offered a tablet called oxandrolone which has also been shown to help you grow taller.

Why do I need to take growth hormone?

In TS you have normal levels of growth hormone, GH for short, and a healthy pituitary gland but you are on extra GH because you are shorter than expected and GH has been shown to help you grow a little taller. If you have to take GH for now it only comes as a small injection that has to be taken every day.   Try and find ways to make it easy for you to remember. Your doctor will check the dose is right for you by using your weight to calculate it, look at how well you are growing and also by what your IGF-1 levels are in your blood.

When can I stop taking growth hormone?

In TS you stop GH when you have finished growing. This is when you are growing at less than 2cms a year and is when you have completed puberty and are having periods usually because you are taking oestrogen medication either HRT or oral contraceptive pill.

  • How quickly am I growing?
  • What is my IGF-1 level?
  • When will my dose of GH be increased again?