Immune System Misbehaving

Some autoimmune conditions are checked for routinely with a blood test every year:

  • Thyroid problems which is when your thyroid stops working.  It is easy to treat.
  • Coeliac disease which is when your tummy doesn’t like a substance called gluten found in pasta and things with flour in, bread, cakes and biscuits. Having coeliac disease can make you anaemic (low blood count), feel tired and give you tummy pains.  It is easy to treat and can make you feel a lot better, although it can be hard work! If you have coeliac disease please send your favourite recipes.
  • Type 1 diabetes which is when your pancreas stops making insulin and the sugar levels in your body go up and up and up. Having diabetes can make you very thirsty, wee a lot and lose weight. It is easy to treat although involves a lot of hard work but you will feel a lot better!

Some autoimmune conditions are only checked for if you have symptoms (so tell them if you have any symptoms):

  • Inflammatory bowel disease is when you have problems with your tummy, like pain and diarrhoea.

Questions you could ask your doctor or nurse

  •  Can you tell me more about autoimmunity
  •  Are there any signs that I might be developing an autoimmune problem?
  •  When is my next screen for coeliac disease due?

Questions you could ask your doctor or nurse