Plan for transfer to adult services

What is transfer?

‘Transfer’ is when your care is formally handed over from the children’s team to the adult team.

How will my care be transferred to an adult team?

Each clinic organises transfer differently that is why it is good to know the plan.  Sometimes the clinic may organise that you get to meet the adult doctors and nurses before you transfer, others may arrange a visit to the adult service or you may just go straight from a children’s clinic to an adult clinic.  The important thing is to know the plan, if you don’t know ask the children’s doctors and nurse, even if it is a few years away.  Before leaving the children’s clinic make sure you have a detailed letter about your condition and your treatment and any investigations and also the names of the doctors and the nurses in the adult clinic and ways of contacting them.  If after transfer you don’t get an appointment from the adult clinic or are confused by anything you must always ask the children’s clinic until you feel settled in the adult clinic. DON’T GET LOST!

When will my care be transferred?

Transfer to adult services should happen when you are well and at a time which fits in with you.  You may want to plan a time which is not too close to doing exams, leaving school or college, going to university and starting your first job.  So make sure you tell your doctors and nurses if you are ready or not. Transfer will usually happen between 16 and 19 years of age.