Talking to doctors and nurses

Sometimes going to clinic can be quite scary.  Doctors and nurses are friendly people who want to help.  For doctors and nurses to find out what matters to you, you need to tell them.  If you don’t they will talk about what they think matters to you which may be very different!!  To give them (and you) a helping hand you can use the “Your Issues” sheet and hand it to the doctor or nurse.
Sometimes medical words can be difficult to understand and doctors and nurses can use too many of them when explaining things.  This website may help you with some of the words but the best way is to ask the doctor or nurse to explain more slowly and clearly.  They would be more than happy to do so because for them the more you understand the more you will be able to be in control and make decisions when you come to clinic.
Sometimes it may be difficult to remember all the things that you have talked with the doctor about particularly if you have gone to see the doctor without your parents.  Get them to write down what you have talked about on the “Take Home Messages” sheet.  Also ask them to copy you into the clinic letter that usually goes to your GP.
TIP: if there is a particular doctor or nurse in the clinic that you feel you can talk to, ask to see them if they are there, that's what adults do so why don't you.