Ways to use a recording of your consultation

 It could be helpful to record some consultations.  You may have been offered a recording or you could check with your doctor or nurse if you can make your own recording.  Here are some ways to use a recording. 

  • To check what the doctor or nurse said
Grace said “by the time, like, it’s finished you’ve forgotten half the things”
Edward’s Mum realised that she had misunderstood the change in dose decided in the consultation: “that would be 1.25 wouldn’t it? …. We never really say it precise, we always say half a tablet, full tablet, one and a quarter”

  • People can remember different things
Emma’s Gran and Mum had come away thinking a doctor had said different things:   ‘I've been sat with your Granny and she's walked out with one part and I've walked out with a completely different, and I've looked at her and thought “they didn't say that!”’
  • Memory can sometimes be a problem

Alan said “My memory's still not brilliant because of my trouble with concentrating”

  • To check understanding
Bridget said “i didn't always understand what they were talking about but afterwards they would talk it through with me in a little bit more depth”

  • Young people may need to learn how to talk with doctors and nurses
Leanne said “I don’t get shy, but sometimes I just, like, can’t get what I want to say out”

  • Parents may need to check that they are letting young people speak
Colin’s Mum said “I try and not to answer I try and let Colin answer but sometimes I just find, I can’t help myself, I’m answering for him”