Your right to privacy and to make decisions

The clinic keeps all your health information confidential, that means safe and private. This includes: anything you say to a doctor or nurse; information that someone writes about you; details of any treatment you have had.
You can talk to your doctors and nurses about anything to do with your health. If you want to talk to a doctor or nurse about something personal, they must keep this information confidential, even if you are under 16. This may be information about: sex; relationships; pregnancy; contraception; drugs and alcohol; feeling down.  See being seen without your parents.
Sometimes doctors and nurses do need to share information about you but they should discuss this with you.  This is usually either to improve you care or keep you or somebody else safe.
TIP: Sometimes there are extra people in the clinic room other than yourself, your parents and the doctor or nurse, like a medical student, although they have to learn, if you have something private that you want to talk about ask the doctor or nurse if you can see them on your own.  The medical student won’t mind!